I am honored that you would like to work with me. Let’s make sure we are the right fit.

I specialize in working with women in the holistic/healing/teaching business. Most of my clients are in alternative medicine (acupuncture, mindfulness, spiritual healing, and energy work).

However, if you believe in heart counts over head counts, the joy of community, and the power of stillness – then we are likely a great fit. Meet some of my clients here.

To ensure that all of my clients receive the highest level of care and personal service, I limit the number of clients I accept. If you would like to be notified when a virtual assistance space is available, please submit your name and email.

Even if you are not excited about the wait, but do believe we are a good fit, please do sign up. This way, if you do not find someone perfect for you while you wait, you will be the first to know when I have a spot open up. (Usually within 30-60 days.)

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