DIY MailChimp Overview: an overview of getting started, including a simple method for delivering your freebie without an additional system.

MailChimp can be an excellent choice for your small startup business. It allows you to begin building your list for free.

Below I review with you six key checkpoints before sending your first campaign. (Don’t miss the checklist printout.)

In the classroom, I walk you through the steps of setting up and creating your first list, where to grab the link so people can sign up, how to create and send your first template and much more.

Terrified to hit send?

Make sure you do these 6 things before sending your first campaign.


Subject Line

Check it One. More. Time. Is everything spelled correctly? Is it engaging? Would you open it or would you simply toss it? Did you use one too many emojis?


Reply Address

Double check your email in the “From email address” section. You don’t want to miss interacting with your list because of a typo.


Confirm. Confirm. Confirm.

Take your time in this section. Read through each and really confirm that it is correct. This is the time to catch a mistake. If you find one you can quickly correct it by clicking the “Edit” button to the right of that section.



f you choose to personalize your email, which is a nice touch, it will pull that information from your list. It’s always good to periodically check your list and edit if necessary, for those who choose to get cheeky with their first name.


Social Sharing

Double check your sharing options. Be sure you only share what you actually want to share. Also, be sure your social follow buttons are linked correctly.


Send a Test Email.

Tech can be tricky, for everyone. So even though it looks good and you know you linked everything properly, send yourself a test email and check it carefully.

Lastly, give yourself a bit of loving-kindness if you make a mistake. I still get butterflies before sending a newsletter but we are all human and the people that are really listening, that we would want to work with, will understand if we forget to dot an i. ♥

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